Audience Management

Arguably the most important ingredient for a successful ad campaign is WHO it’s being shown to. Even a fantastic ad will fail if shown to the wrong audience, so it’s imperative to get it right! Here’s how we help our clients reach the right buyers…

During our initial customer avatar workshop, we’ll determine exactly who your ideal customer is and separate them into different buyer personas. In doing so, we can target each audience differently to meet their unique needs and pain points. Targeting pain points correctly to the buyer = a successful ad campaign!

As marketers, we’re always on the search for the best platforms to reach our target buyers, and Facebook has certainly come out on top. With a wide array of tools and features made available to us, we can ensure your ads go straight to the audiences we determined in your customer avatar workshop – plus plenty more! Here are just a few examples of the audiences we can create for you:

Custom audiences:

Based on the information you provide us along with details from past purchases, our own industry research and more, we’ll create the perfect audiences to reach with your social media content. These can be wide and international or even localised down to a store location. Wherever your ideal buyers are, we can get your brand in front of them!
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Website visitors:

With a helpful tool called the Facebook pixel, we can retarget your website visitors in a very precise manner. For instance, a user who has visited your products page and viewed some of your items but didn’t commit to a purchase might need to have further exposure to your brand. To help this user to convert, we would present them with trust building content like testimonials and case studies, then offer another CTA. At this stage, they’ll have a much greater awareness and trust in the brand, therefore leaving them far more likely to secure a purchase.

Lookalike audiences:

One of the most powerful audience-building tools Facebook has to offer is lookalike audiences. We all know how tricky it can be to reach out to a cold audience, but how about reaching out to a cold audience who exhibits 99% of the same qualities as your buyers?! Well, that’s exactly what lookalikes allow you to do! A lookalike audience provides you with a huge number of fresh eyes for your content, ready to funnel through and convert to buyers.